The African Print Design is Eccentric, Colorful and beautiful.The prints are colorful, full of life with such awesome motifs.

Those represent the African Culture and especially the Kenyan beauty.

I aim to in-corporate Africa and its beautiful art (a glimpse, Africa is as diverse as it is beautiful).

This would be achieved by transferring African Design print/art onto Shoes, Apparel and Everyday items.

I was born and raised in Kenya and immigrated to Seattle 20 something yrs ago as a high schooler.

I am also a mother and a CNOR (Certified Nursing Operating Room) which I love 2nd to sewing and designing.

FUN FACT: I also own a handmade African Print on Baby Blanket Business LaLaMtotoDesigns LLC.

I self taught myself how to sew during COVID-19 while staying home When I had kids. I decided to scale back on sewing items to spend more time with my then infant now toddler.

 I love graphics and began to add it to everyday apparel and home decor hence LESOVYBZE which is under the LaLaMtotoDesigns umbrella

😀 Having grown up immersed with this artful prints, why not share it with the world? This is for all those who Love African Print.

WELCOME TO THE SHOP Hope you stay!