Why are African Prints So Popular?

African culture is one of the richest when it comes to fashion and prints. African fashion also stands out among all the fabrics around the world. The African prints are symbolic, and almost every print has some meaning behind it. These prints are also very versatile and have a lot of boldness, richness, and vibrant colors.

At the moment, designers from around the world are developing interest in African fashion. They are eager to introduce these prints and incorporate vibrant colors and designs into the west fashion.

Now you might be thinking, what is so special about African prints and fashion, then no need to worry. Here we will be discussing why African fashion has taken over the world and why it is so popular. Without further delays; let’s get into it!

The Reasons for the Popularity of African Prints:

As discussed above, African fashion has made its way into modern fashion, and you can see many of the pieces worn by celebrities. Hence, the following are some main reasons why African prints are so much in demand. Let’s have a look!

1.   The Vibrant Patterns:

If you see an African fabric, you will observe a lot of vibrant and bold patterns in it. These patterns are a great fascination to many followers around the world. Not only are these prints vibrant, but they are created with a degree of uniqueness.

Other than the old patterns, nowadays, designers are introducing new patterns in fashion as well. This ensures many options for people all over the world, and because of it every day, people have something to look forward to.

2.   The Unique and Bright Color:

Another reason why African prints are famous is because of the bright colors. If you are someone who is fond of bright and fun colors, then these clothes are the perfect option for you. The best thing about African fashion is that they are perfect for every kind of skin color and texture. These colors are vibrant, but they do not look cheap or weird when worn. Hence, this is one of the primary reasons why African prints are loved by people worldwide.


3.   Versatility:

The best thing about the African prints and African fashion is that you can use the item in many different ways. You can tailor and make many different kinds of things, such as tops, skirts, shirts, trousers, dresses, and more. These prints can be used to make household items such as pillow covers, bed sheets, and many other things. You can make both formal and casual wearing clothes.

This is one of the reasons why African prints and designs are growing day by day, and also it has also proven to be very revolutionary in the fashion industry. Hence, many brands have introduced them in their clothing line so everyone can have fun using them in different ways.

4.   Rich in Cultural Heritage:

African prints are not only famous because they are vibrant, bold, and versatile, but they are also very significant in culture. The prints and the colors symbolize and represent different aspects of African heritage. The different prints are also significant to the tribes. The leaders and respectable people of the tribes wear various types of prints that are specifically worn by them.

Most people wear these prints when they want to have a sense of belonging. Now people all over the world are embracing this culture and are learning about the culture and heritage. Since they are willing to embrace this culture and clothing, the demand for it is increasing day by day, and people love the Ankara pattern a lot.

5.   High-Quality Material:

When it comes to clothing and fabrics, people mainly look at the material and the quality. The best thing here is that they are available in 100% cotton material, and cotton is considered one of the best and most comfortable clothing materials. It is also ensured that all the African prints, such Leso / Khanga pattern, Ankara pattern, and many others, are made of 100% cotton.

This is one of the main reasons why people love African prints, and it is seen because of the fabric choice that African prints are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Another reason the cotton fabric is used in making these prints is that you can create many different styles on this material. It allows the dye to stain it very well, and the fabric feels light and soft on the skin.

6.   Worn by Celebrities:

Several celebrities are also developing interest in African fashion, and many o f tem have featured African prints in their wardrobe. Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, and many more are supporting African style, and because of this, African fashion has gained a lot of exposure and attention. Now that African pieces are part of famous celebrities, it will soon become a trend where everyone will wear these African prints.

The Most Famous African Prints:

Following are some of the leading and most prominent African prints that many brands and designers also appreciate.

1.   Ankara:

Ankara pattern is one of the most famous African fabrics. This fabric is different from other because it is available in bright colors and it is also lightweight. It can also be used to make household items such as curtains, tablecloths, table runners, pillow covers, and many other things.

2.   Batiks:

Batik is a detective wax-resist dyeing and hand-drawn pattern. It is used to make the most stunning African accessories. Not only this, but it is also used in blouses, shawls, tables, runners, scarves, dresses, and other home and clothing pieces.

The wax used in this fabric makes it very easy to dye the cloth and creates the most stunning designs and patterns. Therefore, if you want something different and authentic, Batik print is the one for you.

3.   Kente:

Kente is a tie-dyed cloth in African fashion, and it is the type of fabric that is only available in vibrant and bright colors. However, the traditional Kente fabric is handwoven and has significant importance in the culture because it symbolizes Ghanaian national identity.

Kente is one of the most versatile clothes you can find and creates the most amazing drape. Hence, it can make headwraps, bags, clothing, household items, etc. It is also one of the most popular fabrics that are in demand all over the world.

4.   Ukara-Ekpe:

Ukara-Ekpe is a traditional Nigerian fabric that is also very colorful and has a bold pattern. Initially, this cloth was used for ceremonial purposes in Africa; however, now, it is used for clothing and other purposes. It can be used to make clothing, accessories, and even home décor.

Other than this, many different types of African prints can be found. But a few mentioned above are some of the most prominent and popular designs.


If you are looking for something bright, colorful, and fun to design, then African prints are a perfect choice. African clothing offers you a lot of versatility, which is one reason why it is in the limelight nowadays. Now you will be able to find some of the most stunning African prints in the market as African fashion has made its way into the western fashion industry.

That was all about why African prints are so popular. We have enlisted multiple reasons to support the hype about the African prints and have mentioned the most famous African prints out there; hope you find all the info worth reading!